New event on social innovations in health

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People who are innovating social enterprise models to improve the health of citizens in Charlottesville and around the world will be in town for the Tom Tom Founders Festival.

It’s for the festival’s first Social Innovations in Health event that will take place April 12 at the Paramount Theater.

“While there are many paths to transformative social change, innovation charts new and clear channels that lead straight to it,” said Anne Scott, president and CEO of the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation. “One this night, I think people will be astounded and impressed to discover, here at home, so many inspired leaders with great minds and big hearts, who are changing our world and our community for the better.”

The event will feature Dr. Helen Lee, the founder of Diagnostics for the Real World; Dr. Rick Shannon, Executive Vice President of the University of Virginia Health System; and Ross Baird, founder of Village Capital.

They will talk about the role that impact investing and philanthropy have in shaping research and discovery, and in unleashing the power of social innovation for health.

“The challenges facing our community and country are growing daily, social entrepreneurs are creating financial sustainable, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible ventures that can improve the lives of millions,” said Christine Mahoney, director of Social Entrepreneurship at UVA and associate professor at the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. “We are excited to share these stores of innovation to inspire the next generation of changemakers right here in Virginia.”

For more information on this event, click [here].

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