Concert: Boyd Tinsley with Crystal Garden

FREE! SEATS LIMITED: The legendary musician plays a free public concert with upcoming project, Crystal Garden

As a founding member of Dave Matthews Band, Boyd Tinsley’s violin is indelibly linked to DMB’s sound. The Grammy award winning artist has helped propel the band to become the biggest ticket-seller worldwide of the past decade and recognized as one of the top 100 highest selling American bands of all-time with CD and DVD sales surpassing 37 million.

This evening offers an introduction to one  Boyd’s projects, Crystal Garden. Boyd produced and curated this group of great musicians and turned them into a great rock band. It took two years for Tinsley to find the right mix, but the patience has paid off in Mycle Wastman, Matt Frewen, James Frost‐Winn, and Charlie Csontos. These musicians from San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto converged in Charlottesville and  Crystal Garden began recording. Their debut release will feature Boyd Tinsley and special guest Stanley Jordan, a legendary jazz/fusion guitarist.


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