Luncheon - Building Businesses, Conversation with keynote Bill Crutchfield

Founders Summit Luncheon

Starting from his mother’s basement with a $1,000 in savings, Bill began selling mail order audio equipment in 1974. Bill has built the company into a $250M annual revenue, 500 employee, Charlottesville-based enterprise. The growth was organic, and Crutchfield refused outside investment to retain 100% ownership and remain debt free. Bill credits this fact for the flexibility that has allowedCrutchfield’s continued innovations and never having a layoff in over four decades. Bill was inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame with Amar Bose & Paul Allen in 2006.

This luncheon is an opportunity to sit down with Bill Crutchfield at a 40-person luncheon and have a more detailed Q&A following his keynote.

Luncheon Panelists - Conversation with Bill Crutchfield

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