Second Draw

Blue Jam

“Blue jam music,” is the self defined style of the Charlottesville, VA-based band Second Draw. Band members say their music is “somewhere between first class and coach, between fine sippin’ whisky and moonshine; somewhere between bluegrass, jam band and rock.” Their sound is a mixture of bluegrass, country, rock and blues jamband-style. Aaron Evan’s (Indecision, Alligator) incredible noodling bluesjazz guitar has been described as a cross between Duane Allman, Jerry Garcia and Walter Becker… but in a good way! Band members are:

  • Craig Dougald – Drums
  • Aaron Evans – Guitar
  • Rob Frayser – Mandolin, vocals
  • Jim Keathley – Bass Guitar
  • Jeff Luross – Accordion
  • Shannon Williams – Banjo, vocals

Founding Partners