Multidisciplinary art performances

U.Va.’s Creative Writing, Music, and Studio Art programs team up with Second Street Gallery to present Synesthesia, featuring multidisciplinary and collaborative new and improvisatory work created by graduate and undergraduate students of poetry, fiction, music composition, photography and visual art. Building on the Tom Tom 2015 event “Words & Music,” the Synesthesia performances will captivate all of your senses with intriguing combinations.


2016 Participants

  • Matthew Burtner: soprano saxaphone (Blood Moon)
  • Kevin Davis: cello; Assistant Director of New Music Ensemble (Blood Moon, New Music Ensemble)
  • Ryan Magquire: pedal steel guitar (Blood Moon)
  • Jon Bellona: flute (New Music Ensemble)
  • Oliver Dubon: tuba (New Music Ensemble)
  • I-Jen Fang: percussion; Director of New Music Ensemble (New Music Ensemble)
  • Jackson Patton-Smith: percussion (New Music Ensemble)
  • Maxwell Tfirn: percussion; composer (New Music Ensemble)
  • Paul Turowski: clarinet (New Music Ensemble)
  • Connor Reilly: bassoon (New Music Ensemble)
  • Kristina Warren: voice (New Music Ensemble)
  • Madeline Zehnder: clarinet (New Music Ensemble)
  • Michael Denfield: poet
  • Tyler Chiartas: guitar
  • Brittany Snyder: photographer
  • Addie Eliades: poet
  • Courtney Flerlage: poet
  • Annie Pittman: poet
  • Aaron Stepp: composer
  • Haowei Wang: photographer
  • Veronica Lam: composer
  • Debra Nystrom: poet
  • Katarina Garcia-Meza: photographer
  • Xinchong Cao: photographer
  • Juliet Trail: keyboard

Hosts: Debra Nystrom (Creative Writing), Kelly Sulick (Department of Music) & Juliet Trail (A & S Dean’s Office)



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