UVA'S Public Days

Public Day is an opportunity for the public and the University community to see the outstanding work of students working in medicine, the arts, computer technology, architectural design, wellness, and healthcare.

Presented by the University of Virginia

Public Days Presentation & Reception – 5PM
Public Day Audience Award – 7PM

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At the University of Virginia, students are leading research, scholarship, and creative works in cutting-edge facilities. With ideas ranging from global immersive experience to ground-breaking scholarship, this work touches areas such as medicine, the arts, computer technology, architectural design, wellness, and healthcare.

Public Days are an opportunity for the public and the University community to see this outstanding work and to meet the students behind it.

This year, Public Day is coming to the Paramount Theater. Prior to UVA’s Innovator of the Year Public Lecture, these outstanding undergraduates will present their projects in the entrance ballroom. Following the Public Lecture, an audience award will go out to the student whose project has best captured the imagination of the general public.

2016 Student Presentations

Margaret Squires, College of Arts & Sciences, Approaching Islamic Art in the Museum: North America & the Middle East

Alex Jones, College of Arts & Sciences, Flight of the Finch: An Independent Short Film

Adrienne Resha, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, The “Embiggening”: Marvel’s Muslim Ms. Marvel and American Myth

John Al-Haddad, College of Arts & Sciences, Lebanon at the Forefront: The Struggle over the Baghdad Pact, 1952-1955

Sandy Williams IV, College of Arts & Sciences, Boundaries

Helen Marks; Cristina Velez, Darden School of Business, Cara: Online Community for Socially-Conscious Consumers

Emily Hardy, Michael Miller, Logan Richter, Allison Wong, McIntire School of Commerce, Bigelow 360 Marketing Campaign

Michael Wheeler, School of Medicine, Remote control of the nervous system: Your brain on magnets

Erica Buonomo, School of Medicine, Gut Bacteria Regulate Immune Response to Influence Disease Outcome During Clostridium Difficile Infection

Aldo Nascimento, School of Medicine, Mitochondrial Dynamics in Pancreatic Cancer

Iga Kucharska, School of Medicine, The biophysics and biochemistry of membrane proteins on the surface of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Roza Kamila Weglinska, School of Medicine, The Role of MUNC lncRNA in Skeletal Muscle Differentiation

Izabela Kowalczyk, School of Medicine, Understanding the role of MYT1L in glioblastoma

Angela Zeigler, School of Medicine, Using a Computational Model of Cardiac Fibroblast Signaling to Predict Drugs Against Pathologic Remodeling

Stacy Malaker, College of Arts & Sciences, Identification and Characterization of Tumor-specific Glycopeptides for the Development of Novel Cancer Immunotherapeutics

Kelley E. McQueeney, School of Medicine, Inhibition of a Phosphatase as a Novel Treatment for Colorectal Cancer

Mouadh Benamar, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Targeted Inactivation of CRL4-CDT2 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase in Cutaneous Melanoma

Jacint Sanchez and Michael Chi, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Molecular Mechanisms of the Innate Immune Response to RNA Viruses

Asif Salekin, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, AsthmaGuide: An Asthma Monitoring and Advice Ecosystem

Justin Peruzzi, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Sonification of Bacterial Chemotaxis

Shadrach Wilson, College of Arts & Sciences, Distance Measurement on an Endogenous Membrane Transporter in E. coli Cells and Native Membranes Using EPR Spectroscopy

Benjamin Huang, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Solid Acid Catalysts for Endothermic Fuel Cracking Reactions

Begum Unveroglu, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Improving the efficiency of solar cells using environmentally friendly and abundant materials

Tahiya Salam, School of Engineering & Applied Science, Sensing Food Spoilage in Cooked Food

Jacob Bennett, Melissa Driver, Stanley Trent, Curry School of Education, Empirical Designs: How the Concept of White Privilege is Researched in Teacher Education

Kara Dewhurst, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, Renewable Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Andrew Frankel, Curry School of Education, Trilingual Tibetans

Sahtiya Hosoda Hammell, Curry School of Education, This is What Democracy Looks Like!

Emily Barton, Jessica Whittaker, Mable Kinzie, Jamie DeCoster, Emily Furnari, Curry School of Education, Understanding the relationship between use of online professional development supports and fidelity of implementation in MyTeachingPartner-Math/Science

Ana Mendelson, Annie Frazier, Ashley Houze, Jaclyn Lund, Madison Lahey, Olivia Cosby, Dr. Jane Hilton, Curry School of Education, Autism Theatre Project

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