Tom Tom’s Fellowship program expands academic rigor into practice-based curriculum in arts, business and society by connecting students with entrepreneurs and thought-leaders throughout the region and empowering real impacts in the community. The Fellowship program is underwritten by the University of Virginia.

In the upcoming 2016/2017 academic year, Tom Tom will be offering 16 Fellowships in marketing, production, programming and administrative capacities. Throughout all our Fellowships, we seek to supply students with impact-driven experience while demonstrating the dynamic impact of melding arts, commerce, and civic leadership in our Cities.

The Fellowship program is supported by the University of Virginia.


Project Based Curriculum

Fellows assume primary responsibility for a strategic deliverable of the Festival. Projects encompass marketing, strategy, and day of production.

Cross Disciplinary

Fellowships are multidisciplinary and experiential, with emphasis on applying projects to individual students’ curricular trajectory.

Mentorship & Networking

Tom Tom Fellows connect and form relationships with peers, UVa alumni and leaders (local and national) in the fields of their interest.

Extend the Classroom

While gaining real-world skills and experience, many students can tie these projects into for-credit classroom deliverables.

Create positive change

Support and enhance a 501c3 that directly benefits the human and community needs.


All Fellows receive paid semester stipends for their production work.




Current Fellows

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