Founding Cville

The Founding Cville project highlights local founders whose groundbreaking and original work has impacted Charlottesville and the world. Honorees include artists, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs. Each Founder is featured on a lamppost banner along the Downtown Mall for the month of September and is honored at the Fall Block Party.

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Founding Cville is a key pillar of Tom Tom. By highlighting local founders who have had regional, national and global impacts, the program embodies Tom Tom’s mission to celebrate the town of Charlottesville, and to inspire the next generation of revolutionary ideas and individuals.

Each fall, founders are selected through public nominations and honored with lamppost banners of their portraits on the Downtown Mall. Founders also become an integral part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival: sharing their founding stories at the kick-off event each Spring.

This September, look up at the lamppost banners on the Downtown Mall which honor our chosen founders. At the start of the month we will announce their names, hang the banners, and release profiles detailing their stories, challenges, and advice for young founders.

Friday the 25th between 7 and 8pm, at the Fall Block Party, we will host a ceremony applauding our community’s founders and recognizing their achievements.


2015 Recipients

2014 Recipients



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