Aaron Fein

Artist, White Flags

Aaron Fein

For over twenty years, sculptor and architect Aaron Fein has worked in a wide range of media. Fueled by his fascination with the everyday notions, objects, and processes that make up the fabric of our contemporary lives, he seeks to create works that connect viewers to an underlying universal experience. He is keenly aware that this is an experience often littered with multiple meanings and conflicting truths.

After completing his monumental work, “White Flags,” – a re-creation of all 193 national flags of the UN member states, rendered entirely in white – Fein has continued to explore the expressive potential of digital embroidery. Within this ubiquitous and seemingly pedestrian means of production, Fein has unearthed a world of technical, physical, and conceptual possibilities, often at an architectural scale.

With their subtle interplay of light and spatial logic, his current embroidered paintings operate as two-dimensional sculpture, putting viewers in motion while turning their orientation inside out – leading them to interact with the work both physically and conceptually.

Having earned an M.Arch from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, Fein has exhibited his sculpture and earned awards both nationally and internationally. In his most ambitious work since the White Flags, Fein recently completed a private commission for a 400 square foot embroidered mural in Miami Beach.

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