Alyssa Dizon

Alyssa Dizon

Alyssa Dizon is the former Managing Director of HackCville, a clubhouse and community for entrepreneurial students at the University of Virginia. Under Alyssa’s leadership, HackCville transitioned to student-run organization. Alyssa and her new staff rebranded the organization, raised over $12,000, doubled their staff size, and created programs for 100+ members to craft their own self-directed and experiential education around entrepreneurship. HackCville now hosts 60+ events and workshops with over 40 partner organizations each semester and is establishing a growing alumni network.

As Student Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator for Tom Tom Founders Festival, Alyssa has led the organization’s efforts to engage UVA students. During her two years working for Tom Tom, Alyssa has recruited and coordinated hundreds of volunteers, planned promotional hype events, established a student advisory board for the festival, and launched guerilla marketing campaigns at UVA.

Although Alyssa is a Foreign Affairs major at UVA, she has spent much of college exploring many different career paths. She’s interned for an ad agency in New York City, a private equity firm in San Francisco, and a community development non-profit in Washington DC. Having seen the booming business scene in many large cities, Alyssa is ecstatic to help contribute to and learn from nascent entrepreneurial communities through her Venture for America fellowship starting this summer!

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