Bijan Morshedi

UVa 4th Year, scientist

Bijan Morshedi

Bijan Morshedi is a current fourth year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences majoring in biochemistry. He will continue his education at the UVa’s School of Medicine over the next four years, and hopes to continue exploring the intersections of culture and health care.

Bijan participated in last year’s Tom Tom Festival’s Creative Collisions and loved the experience of putting on a creative performance that he decided to return back for more this year!

Bijan and Alexis Chaet were selected as winners of the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge, nation-wide tech competition is open to millennials ages 18-35 with projects addressing a need within the Latino community. The team is one of seven winners across the US who will share $500,000 in funds supported by the MacArthur Foundation. Their project involves installation of a tablet-based video-library and clinic

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