Brendan Richardson

Cofounder, PsiKick

Brendan Richardson

The Beginning
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA

Why Charlottesville
To attend UVa as an undergrad. I didn’t make it my home for nearly 20 years (most of that time I was in San Francisco). I came back in 2007 to join Investure.

What is Charlottesville’s greatest untapped potential?
The deep pool of talented and experienced people who live here.

Connection to Tom Tom
I first met Paul in 2012 and he introduced me to the Festival. I was a total fan ever since.

Favorite Part about Tom Tom
The community coming together around innovation/music and art is a really inspiring thing to see and the block parties.

Interests and Involvement
I co-founded PsiKick, a start-up technology firm in town. I also teach Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital at UVa and am involved with HackCville. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying the great outdoors–skiing, fly fishing and cycling.

Founding Partners