Brynne Potter

Cofounder, Maternity Neighborhood

Brynne Potter

Brynne Potter co-founded Maternity Neighborhood (originally called Private Practice) in 2010, an award winning, patient centered technology platform for charting and communication that today is utilized by over 50 percent of independent birth centers and home birth practices in the US. She currently serves as CEO of Maternity Neighborhood and works directly with the design and development process of the innovative platform.

She is also a Certified Professional Midwife and has worked in the field of midwifery since 1991, representing the perspective of midwives and community-based maternity care in multiple venues, including the provider panel for the Institute of Medicine Workshop on Research Issues for Place of Birth and advised the World Health Organization review of digital technology for maternal child health. She is a former member of the North American Registry of Midwives, a certifying agency that oversees regulation of Certified Professional Midwives and a co-author on a recent study published in the JMWH outlining the pathway of this emerging credential.

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