Dar Malecki

Co-Owner/Operator, MADabolic Cville and b:core

Dar Malecki

Dar Malecki is a locally known health and fitness leader, also regarded as the “Mayor of MADville”. Originally from Chicago, Dar entered the corporate world and spent two decades in the finance industry, predominantly as a commodities and natural gas trader for Duke Energy and Wachovia.

Always passionate about health and fitness, Dar left finance to pursue her entrepreneurial and professional fitness goals. She serves as CEO of MADass Partners and facilitated the first franchise locations for MADabolic Inc. in Charlottesville, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina. Dar has owned and operated a total of 7 businesses in the fitness industry, including several niche fitness facilities throughout the Southeast. She is the co-owner of Main Stage Muscle, LLC, a National Physique Committee promotions company in North Carolina.

Dar graduated from Millikin University with a degree in Business Administration. She was voted Best of Cville 2015 Best Personal Trainer and holds competitive records in the fitness arena as well as over a dozen accredited certifications from top industry leaders.

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