David Dusseau

CEO and Cofounder, MadiDrop

David Dusseau

David is an entrepreneur with 25 years of experience working with early-stage information and energy technology startups and new ventures. Beginning his career in Silicon Valley, he has a strong background in all aspects of early-stage business management and development including strategy, funding, product development and launch, sales, marketing and branding. David co-founded MadiDrop PBC, a public benefit company, in 2015 to bring safe drinking water solutions to communities throughout the world.

Working with humanitarian, relief and mission-based organizations, MadiDrop empowers communities throughout the world with a simple approach to keeping their drinking water safe. It represents an entirely new way to address the critical number of waterborne diseases that result from drinking contaminated water.

The MadiDrop is a small tablet made of a ceramic substrate embedded with silver. By simply placing a MadiDrop in a household water container, it releases small amounts of silver ions, neutralizing waterborne pathogens and providing enough safe drinking water for a family of five each day for six months. Importantly, it provides residual disinfection to prevent recontamination and ensures safe drinking water storage. The MadiDrop is easy to use, highly effective, low cost and easily adaptable to community conditions, truly a simple solution to a global health crisis.

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