Doug Stoup

Founder of Ice Axe Expeditions

Doug Stoup

Douglas Stoup is the world’s leading polar adventurer and has skied to both North and South Poles more than anyone on the planet. Stoup has lead international scientific expeditions to both poles, including Poletrack in which he pioneered locator beacons that track climate change for scientists. As the founder and President of both Ice Axe Expeditions and the Ice Axe Foundation, he is an educator dedicated to sharing the profound beauty and fragility of our planet and continues to push the limits of human endurance leading disabled adventurers in the polar environments while raising monies for charities.

In 2000, Stoup became the first American to ski from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole. He is the first to bike in Antarctica. His Ice Bike, was named one of the best inventions in 2003 by Time Magazine.

Stoup has been featured in a number of Warren Miller films, a legendary film series that takes ski fans on an action-packed ride to the world’s most exotic destinations including the Alaskan Tordrillos, Switzerland’s Jungfrau, Iceland’s Troll Peninsula and beyond. In 2014, he appeared on Animal Planet’s #1 show, Ice Cold Gold, for an expedition in Greenland.

As an expedition leader, Stoup has led a blind and deaf British adventurer on a 62-day ski trip to the South Pole. He accompanied Parker Liautaud, the youngest man to walk to the South Pole unsupported, to complete the fastest human-powered trek from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole with the mission of conducting climate change research.

Stoup’s Ice Axe’s annual trips to Antarctica and Svalbard were named in the Top 10 on The Skier’s Bucket List by National Geographic. Stoup was included as a Gear Junkie 110 Outdoor Ambassador.

A trained Climate Reality Leader, Stoup continues to push the limits of human endurance while educating people about cutting-edge science and climate impacts. Stoup holds the speed record for skiing from the coast of Antarctica to the Geographic South Pole and he is the first American male to ski to the South Pole and the first to ski and snowboard descent of Vinson Massif. He was a Participant in 2013 Climate Reality Project’s “24 Hours of Reality Conference” and is an I AM PRO SNOW Ambassador.

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