Jim Cheng

Executive Advisor to New Richmond Ventures

Jim Cheng

The Beginning
I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to the US at the age of 3. My
father’s academic career moved us to Wisconsin, Illinois, New York City
and Rochester, NY. before settling in Virginia Beach. Since then, both
my wife and I have been “diehard Virginians”, living in Alexandria,
McLean, Richmond, and as of November 2015, Charlottesville.

Why Charlottesville
I first moved to Charlottesville to attend Darden School of Business
(class of’87) and always wanted to come back. After a stint in Richmond,
we could have moved anywhere. but we wanted to raise our 3-year old son in
the best community and lifestyle possible, so we chose Charlottesville

What is Charlottesville’s greatest untapped potential?
The greatest potential in C’ville lies in connecting all the individual,
academic, governmental and corporate talent and resources in the
region-Which is why TomTom is such a worthwhile endeavor!

Connection to Tom Tom
I first met Paul Beyer back when TomTom was just a gleam in his eye. just
a few years ago. I tried to get him to change the name. Silly me!

Favorite thing about Tom Tom
My favorite aspect of TomTom is that I don’t have to go to Austin for SXSW

Interests and Involvement
I am involved in several non-profit and for profit boards and keep in
touch with entrepreneurial and economic development efforts across the
commonwealth. I also enjoy, golf, running, cars and food!

Founding Partners