John Stacey

Senior Vice President, Tranlin, Inc.

John Stacey

John Stacey is Senior Vice President of Marketing, Product Development and Sales for Tranlin, Inc. Tranlin is building a $2 billion manufacturing operation in Virginia that will make more eco-friendly and sustainable paper products from fields not forests and fertilizer from plant stalks using proven Chinese technologies and processes.

John grew up in Charlottesville and has been in Silicon Valley most of his career with a record of growing early stage companies with disruptive technologies and product innovations into category-leading brands. He is also a founder or early member of eHealth, The Learning Company, Health-Savvy and Metaphor Computer Systems. John is entrepreneur-in-residence at the Batten Institute, and advisor to Branch Basics, an iLab incubated company. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School and the University of Virginia.

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