Martin Chapman, PhD

President and CEO of Indoor Biotechnologies

Martin Chapman, PhD

Martin D. Chapman, PhD, is President and CEO of Indoor Biotechnologies, a company he founded and spun out of the University of Virginia. Indoor Biotechnologies is a biotechnology manufacturing company which produces molecular products for allergy and asthma research. The company has bio-manufacturing and R&D facilities in Charlottesville, Cardiff, UK, and Bangalore, India, and distributors in Japan, Korea and China.

InBio products include purified allergens for research and diagnostic use; test kits for assessing environmental allergen exposure; and Ventia, a consumer test for dust mites that is sold on The company has an extensive range of laboratory services for allergen and food testing and provides contract research services. InBio has a patented dust collection device, DUSTREAM®, and has a single state-of-the-art test, MARIA®, for all common allergens in homes.

In 2015, InBio completed construction of a $2.7MM bio-manufacturing and research facility in downtown Charlottesville, which also includes the CREATE art gallery/exhibition space and the Silk Mill Salon, a conference suite for 50 people. InBio supports emerging biotechnology and technology-based companies in Central Virginia with a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development.

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