Matt Rohdie

CEO and Founder, Carpe Donut

Matt Rohdie

Once upon a time (July 2007 to be exact), two donut-loving fools decided that the people of Charlottesville, Va. needed a source for hot fresh donuts made from scratch with fresh organic ingredients. He wanted to make and offer to the public one extremely well-made food. He and wife Jen Downey, along with many self-sacrificing friends, relatives, and their dutiful children, embarked on a recipe-testing journey that turned the family kitchen into a flour-strewn, vanilla-clouded laboratory, and yielded at last the Donut that demanded to meet the public.

Matt established the pilot Franchise Carpe Donut NYC in 2013 and introduced a frozen product line in 2010. Currently, Carpe Donuts is in 100 grocery and food service outlets.

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