Philippe Sommer

Director of i.Lab, U.Va. Batten Institute at the Darden School

Philippe Sommer

The Beginning

Why Charlottesville
I came in 2005 to run the Darden Entrepreneurship program.

What is Charlottesville’s greatest untapped potential?
The wonderfully eclectic pool of talent in Cville and the surrounding area.

Connection to Tom Tom
I was involved in supporting Tom Tom when it first started through Darden, and always saw it as being perfectly aligned with Darden/Batten’s mission of promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Favorite Part about Tom Tom
The broad community involvement.

Interests and Involvement
I am involved with the Community Investment Collaborative. It extends entrepreneurship education and funding to a broad population which often has few funding options. I am and have been on the Board of several Life Sciences startups in Cville. I’m involved with mentoring entrepreneurs and am part of a local Angel Network. I also teach Entrepreneurship at Darden. When not working, I do long distance motorcycle touring. In addition, I parent children and a dog.

Founding Partners