Sharon Krueger

Director of Innovation, Grants, and Relationships, Dean's Office, UVa School of Medicine

Sharon Krueger

The Beginning
Born and raised in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Why Charlottesville
I came in the summer of 2003 after accepting a position at UVa.

What is Charlottesville’s greatest untapped potential?
The entrepreneurial minded people who have moved to the Charlottesville area to either to take a new job in the community or to retire. They quickly realize that they can tap into the wide variety of entrepreneurial/innovation organizations and events here.

Connection to Tom Tom
The late Kathy Carr introduced me to Paul Beyer because of my role at UVA in the research commercialization process.

Favorite Part about Tom Tom
Seeing the Festival grow and mature with programming and higher profile speakers. It has been great watching it reach into the Commonwealth and beyond.

Interests and Involvement
I am an avid gardener of veggies and fruits, flowers, shrubs, and grasses who enjoys sharing my knowledge with others. I also enjoy cross training including running, rowing, yoga, and TRX.  I’m a Board Member of the regional non-profit, Southeast BIO. Additionally, I am an advisor to state and federal agencies, peer universities, and national organizations on Proof-of-Concept research funds. I help to establish these programs and promote their importance.

Founding Partners