Travis Wilburn

Co-Founder, Stay Charlottesville Management Group

Travis Wilburn

The Beginning
Born and raised in Virginia. Legend has it, my family has been here since Jamestown was settled. Originally from Richmond, I picked up my southern twang from Roanoke, but lost it when I got to Charlottesville.

Why Charlottesville?
I see Charlottesville as a boiling volcano of opportunity. We have numerous world known start-ups, wineries, innovators–most of them have risen in the last decade or two. We used to be just a university town, but are now loaded with art, culture, theatre, music, and innovation.

Connection to Tom Tom
When Paul first started dreaming of the Festival, we began meeting to brainstorm and fleshing out ideas. As most visions are changed throughout time, it has been amazing to watch the Festival gain significant momentum–now it attracts folks from all over the world.

Favorite part about Tom Tom
It’s hard to pin down one favorite thing about Tom Tom; however, I’d have to go with the global platform it puts Charlottesville on. Tom Tom highlights the city’s greatest assets and showcases the innovators coming in and out of our city. It’s recognizing that this town is a serious tech hub, with a thriving art community, and the starting off point for musical talent.

Currently, I’m the managing partner of Stay Charlottesville Management Group, a portfolio that oversees and vests in tourism and hospitality related companies in the greater Charlottesville area. Our goal is to help Charlottesville thrive in, what many would consider, a young, vibrant tourism market, hence even a greater interest in Tom Tom. I am also a thrill-seeking outdoor enthusiast and may or may not be a pro kite-boarder.

Founding Partners