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The Tom Tom Foundation is a nonprofit that relies on the generous financial support of patrons and sponsors. Your donation helps keep events free and open to the public.


Since 2012, over 78,000 attendees have experienced music, art, innovation, and food programming at Tom Tom.

Michael Mallory at Tom Tom

We recognize the work of local founders and engage with national creators and innovators.

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We highlight the intersections of art, commerce, and civic leadership and inspire the next generation.

Nonprofit pitch, ballet

We connect resources. Over $1,200,000 of grants, awards and investment facilitated.

bus, city as canvas

We leave lasting legacies of creativity that transform public spaces through our City as Canvas project.


We are community led. Over 400 organizations and 300 volunteers make Tom Tom happen.

Pop Up Parking Spaces

We produce creative stages. Over 270 bands, 225 speakers, and dozens of artists and installations have brought the entire community together.


We help inspire an identity for the region that is creative, entrepreneurial and focused on the future.

Think globally, act locally.

Throughout the year, Tom Tom engages over 400 community organizations to develop an annual week-long celebration of our city. In April, over 60 venues host programming that honors our local founders, engages national leaders, and connects resources for the next generation. In highlighting these conversations, Tom Tom helps inspire an identity for Charlottesville as an unparalleled destination for creativity and entrepreneurship, and drives a collective vision for our future.

From public art, to new collaborations, to new businesses, Tom Tom continues to leave legacies. Since 2012, Tom Tom has attracted over 78,000 attendees and produced stages for more than 260 bands, 224 speakers, and hundreds of artists and installations. Our competitions and awards have facilitated over $750,000 of grants and seed capital for entrepreneurs, innovators, and nonprofits. Best of all, most of our programming is entirely free and open to all.

We thrive because so many are moved by the excitement and pride of building and showcasing our community. The tremendous dedication and service from hundreds of volunteers, community organizations, interns and staff are a testament to the community of Charlottesville. In FY2015, no Tom Tom staff member accepted over $17,600 in salary.

As a nonprofit, we rely on the generous financial support of patrons and sponsors. Your donation supports the Tom Tom Foundation in fostering local and national conversations for creativity and entrepreneurship. Please help support our work and our continued growth.


Paul Beyer
Founder & Director

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